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Stuck in Love

A few days ago, I shared with you 5 resolutions that you can actually keep; one of which was finding happiness through doing an act of self-care each day.

Last night, while talking to my LDR best friend, she told me that her yoga instructor had said January is Self-Love Month. With the turn of the new year and an abundance of resolutions, we often focus on the negatives in our lives: the things we need to fix. I challenge you for the rest of this month, to try to focus on the positives instead!

I'm sure you've heard time and time again that in order to love others, you first must love yourself. When I have tried to love others before loving myself, I've always end up getting stuck in a rut. I got stuck in love, well, stuck without it.

Here are a few things that have helped me to love myself and find my happiness:

  • Writing down what "living my best life" looks like // Alyse from Raw Alignment has a wonderful article about the law of attraction!

  • The 5 Minute Journal // helps me to be optimistic, grateful, and live with intention

  • Eating nutritious foods that fuel me! // Here at Verve, we use fresh, healthy, ingredients that are not taste amazing, but give you the energy you need to kick a** and achieve your goals.

  • FORGIVENESS // If you take anything away from this article, let it be this: You are not your mistakes. No one is perfect. When you mess up, take note, and just do better next time.

I'd love to hear what you do to show self-love! Follow us on IG (@vervebowls) and tag us in your photos to be featured on our page!


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