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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

At Verve Bowls, our vision is to create an inclusive and positive environment, while providing nutritious and sustainable food and drinks. We strive to serve sustainably sourced ingredients that do not include artificial colors or flavors, as well as anything you cannot pronounce. Our vision today is the same as it has always been: Every single person that enters Verve Bowls leaves happy. Additionally, Verve focuses on the power of superfoods, and how they can both physically and mentally improve your health. With over fifteen different superfood options, and over twenty menu items to choose from, we can guarantee you will find something both delicious yet nutritious to power you through your day. For us, sustainability is not an overlooked idea, yet a very important one. Our concept is about our food and drinks, but it's also about our facilities, team, and practices, as well as the many decisions we make each day that strongly affect the world around us. We believe in finding a balance, which is how we are able to make quality, accessible food, while at the same time giving back to our community and environment.


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