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Why Charcoal ROCKS!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Remember back in 2017 when activated charcoal foods were all the rage? Charcoal ice cream, charcoal lattes, charcoal pizza crust and pancakes, and even charcoal water were popping up all over social media. The hype may have tapered down, but the health benefits won't ever go away!

According to Spoon U, charcoal is made "by heating coconut shells to extremely high temperatures until they are completely burned, creating coconut ashes. Those ashes are then processed with steam or hot air at very high temperatures to which largely increases the surface area of the charcoal. This large surface area makes it a strong detoxifier because it can absorb materials in large quantities."

Activated charcoal, when added to smoothies or acai bowls, has no taste. However, its detoxifying properties can help to reduce bloating, cure hang-overs, and even increase your energy levels (because a healthy body lends to a healthy mind!!). Try it out next time you're in and see how it makes you feel!


Sources: Spoon University

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