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How to Beat the Seattle Freeze

Whether you believe the #SeattleFreeze is real or not, we can all agree that the weather has gotten a bit chilly the past few days.

Lucky for you, we've got 5 treats to keep you warm on a snow day like today!

1. Molten chocolate cakes from Hot Cakes:

1650 E Olive Way, Capitol Hill & 5427 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard

Not only does Hot Cakes have 6 different flavors of molten chocolate cake (vegan options too!), but they've got take 'n bake options, so you can stay home, curled up in a fuzzy robe, while enjoying your sweet treats!

2. Hot milk tea with boba from Young Tea Seattle:

609 S Weller St, Chinatown-ID

For those of you who have had iced milk tea or boba smoothies, you'll know that carrying them around in the cold will leave you with freezing fingers. That's why we suggest trying fresh brewed ~hot~ tea with tapioca pearls instead. Young Tea, located in the International District, has upwards of 20 types of teas to choose from, ranging from Rose Oolong to Passion Fruit Green Tea.

3. Blackberry Crumble Mocha from Verve:

1764 NW 56th St, Ballard

What makes our Ballard location so special? Tons of fun drink options, available hot or iced! Some of our favs are the blackberry crumble mocha, matcha latte with almond milk, and honey lavender latte!

4. Popsters from Seattle Cookie Counter:

7415 Greenwood Ave N, Greenlake

Not only are these sweets cute, colorful, and delicious, but they're also vegan! This weekend, they'll be serving up chocolate covered strawberry, blueberry, strawberry, & cookies & cream. Which will you choose?!

5. Hot Toddy from Bad Bishop:

704 1st Ave, Pioneer Square

For those of you who are 21+, you've got to stop by Bad Bishop to grab a drink. Although the menu is small, the food and drink options are always on point, and their hot toddy is a perfect night cap.


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