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10 Ways to Reuse your Verve Bowl

Here at Verve, we strive to be environmentally conscious. For those eating in, we have re-usable cutlery and glasses for water. All of our cups & containers are recyclable or compostable, and so are the to-go spoons. No one is perfect, but taking small steps can create big change. Before you throw out your bowl, consider reusing it at least once with one of these fun ideas!

Here are 10 ways to give your Verve bowl new life:

1. Store dry goods like oats, chia seeds, or flax.

fill your bowl with bulk pantry goods - save money and the environment!

2. H2O -- One of the best way to drink enough water each day is to fill a glass larger than 8 oz. Drinking out of your Verve bowl might feel silly, but it's an easy way to get extra hydrated with each cup!

3. Container for leftovers! Our bowls can be washed*, but if you want to take breakfast or lunch on the go, it's the perfect container. (+ you can always recycle it after use to clear space in your bag!)

snack on the go!

4. Make overnight oats - We love this recipe for Peanut Butter Overnight Oatmeal from the Minimalist Baker, but the options are endless!

overnight oats

5. Get inspired & use it for an art project. Can you envision the lid being painted and turned into a ring dish? Or would you like to decorate the base, fill it with glass beads, and use it to hold make-up brushes or your toothbrush?

6. Create a travel cutlery kit!! I love this kit from To-Go Ware. Store the aforementioned cutlery, plus to-go containers in your car or backpack. Don't want to dish out the cash? Mismatched silverware can be thrifted for $0.25 or less!

travel cutlery + a container to store leftovers for when you're out!

7. Use as a bowl when you run out of clean dishes.

8. House a succulent!

what's trendier than plant babies? re-purposing!!

9. Water bowl for your animal friend when you're out and about.

10. BYOB: bring your bowl back on your next visit to re-fill!

*Feel free to put the container in the dishwasher, but we don't recommend putting it in the microwave or filling with hot foods. (The plastic could melt!)


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