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[Name of person],

Thank you for reaching out! 


We do a build your own acai bar that comes with the acai base (in a 16oz bowl) with granola, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries and coconut on the side in containers for people to pick their own toppings. The cost per person is $14. You may also add additional toppings.


Additional toppings include:


Fresh Raspberries ($1.50 per person)

Fresh Strawberries ($1.00 per person)

Fresh Bananas ($1.00 per person)

Fresh Mango ($1.00 per person)

Fresh Pineapple ($1.00 per person)


Bee Pollen ($1.50 per person)

Chia Seeds ($1.00 per person)

Flax Seeds ($1.00 per person)


Almond Butter ($1.50 per person)

Peanut Butter ($1.00 per person)


Delivery Fees:

$20 within 5 miles of Verve Bowls - Fremont

$30 between 5 and 10 miles

$40 for 10+ miles


I’m more than happy to put together an invoice with whatever you decide so we can move forward. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for choosing Verve Bowls, a Seattle small business.



Verve Bowls



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